Sunday, August 29, 2010

Anyone still out there reading this?

I don't know why you would bother - it's not like it's a triathlon diary anymore. I should rename it Jenny's Rehab Diary. I gave up running after the Sharon Triathlon in June - just too much pain. I have been swimming, reasonably reliably, all summer, 2-3 times a week, walking some, stretching, rehabbing. I've managed not to regain any of the weight I lost in the winter, but haven't lost anymore - still up nearly 10 from my lowest point a few years ago, and 25+ from where I ought to be for health and fitting into non-plus-size pants.

But I just couldn't stand it anymore - I was feeling antsy, jittery-legged, and jealous of all my tri-blogging friends who are doing 50K runs, Ironmans, and otherwise going faster and farther while I go nowhere at all.

So yesterday I strapped on the shoes and the ipod shuffle and gave it a whirl. It was a gorgeous, cool-ish, warm-ish late afternoon, and I did my favorite short route (not quite 3 miles, very hilly, very pretty.) I had that wonderful first-run-in-a-long-time freshness in my legs, and even better, no pain anywhere. (not much.) The weird knee was OK, the weird hip was OK, the various heel things were fine. I walked a bit, ran a bit for 40 minutes - but the running was at least half, and I pushed and worked hard.

And I felt AMAZING after. A cruddy, dark, self-flagellating mood turned serene and full of love for all the world (except Glenn Beck.)

My achilles throbbed a bit later that night but was fine by morning...BUT:

Awful pelvis pain back today! Hurts to walk! F%*#%!!!!!!

Back to all the stretches, core work and "skeletal retraining" the brillian Roberta Roll gave me. But I will keep running. I need it.

Also: bought a serious new Thule Helium bike rack for The Blue Cloud, replacement Vehicle for Dead Big Red. (The Blue Cloud = gorgeous, like-new 08 Honda CRV, replacing hideous, like-crap Subaru with 233,000 miles on it that gave up the ghost a few weeks ago.) So I WILL BIKE some before winter sets in. Yes. I. Will.

And keep swimming.

And take a dance class.

And maybe a yoga class.

OK maybe that's too ambitious.

But I will keep swimming!


LBTEPA said...

little by little, Jenny - slowlty slowly, carefully carefully. Have you tried a run-walk program? Ang glad to see you are NOT giving up!

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