Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Run

santa cat
Santa Cat is home alone - we're on the road for the holiday.
I saved myself from a lot of unpleasant family drama by going out for a nice 3.75 mile run around the lovely town in New Jersey I'm visiting. My current goal is to run 30 minutes straight on normal roads at normal speed without walking - I'm getting closer. (In 45 minutes I walked three times: twice on steep uphills after plugging most of the way up; once to check my map. No more than about 3 minutes total.) Once I make that goal I'll work on stretching it out - perhaps I can do the half-M next fall all or mostly running.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Trying to find my way

Is there a "post-marathon letdown syndrome?" If so, I've been suffering from it!

In part it's been the onset of winter - how to get in exercise when the roads are icy, the air makes my lungs seize up, and it's dark by 4:00. In part it's my natural laziness kicking in - I don't want to get up early and go to the gym. I did have some injuries after the race - it took a good 10 days for my legs to feel better, and I've been focusing on strengthening my lower back since then. (By "focusing" I mean 1 or 2 workouts a week, not true focus.)

But I've also been drinking a lot of wine, eating a lot of gingerbread, and making a lot of excuses. My weight has been hovering just under 200, after getting down to about 192 just three months ago. The idea of giving up flour and sugar seems just about impossible right now.

Yesterday I had a mini-breakthrough. Feeling desperate, I went to the gym for morning spin class, knowing there wouldn't be a bike free but figuring I'd finally give in to the realities of winter and get on the dreaded treadmill. From there, I could hear the spin teacher (TGT, also known as Triathlon Goddess Tina) and I followed her cues - turning up the incline when she had them turn up the resistance, sprinting when they did. It made me push myself harder and longer than I would have otherwise, and was much more fun. I think I could make a habit of this! I felt better yesterday, physically and mentally, than I had in weeks. (And life is so stressful right now I really need all the exercise I can get for the mood stabilization it brings!)

So - it's winter training. I need a plan, a routine, a motivator. I need to do something like yoga or meditation, to clear my mind (go away, Facebook!) so I can set priorities and stick to them. I need to stop the junky eating, go to bed on time, and stop yelling at my kids. (This is starting to sound like New Year's resolutions, or at least a first draft.) I need more laughter, more friends, and someone to clean my house for me. Now THERE'S a plan!