Sunday, January 28, 2007


With my back pain getting steadily worse, I finally went to my doctor, who sent me to a chiropractor. He did this and that and told me it wasn' t my back at all, it was my sacrum, that shield-shaped bone at the bottom of the spine. He seemed quite knowledgeable about sports and running in particular, which was helpful. He said I pronate severely and should get shoe inserts - by rolling in at the feet, extra pressure is put on my knees and hips. Also I should run more frequently, for shorter duration - 20 minutes 3 times a week is far better than 40 minutes once a week as it builds the muscles appropriately. He insisted I stick with all my core-building exercises, and I'm to come back for more this and that for a few more weeks - releasing scar tissue and learning yet more exercises, specifically to strengthen the sides of my hips. He also had some suggestions for my elbow tendinitis - gave me a strange device that clamps over my forearm and supposedly takes the pressure off the tendons.

Meanwhile I barely worked out at all this week - swam Monday, but then nothing til today (long walk) due to meetings, deadlines, and confusion (left my towel at home one day that I actually did make it to the gym - couldn't shower so didn't want to work out - lame, I know. And I could have used paper towels if I was really committed!)

But I hope I'll start feeling better and stronger now that I have a new plan! (Let's see - for this week, I'll: Monday - run - Tuesday spin, Wednesday - swim, Thursday: run, Friday: swim (if I don't go to NYC), Saturday Pilates and ....? and Sunday bike or run depending on weather. Back exercises, at least 20 minutes, every night. When rest? This week, none - making up for a slothful week.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Everything still hurts - back hurts, elbow hurts. Went "running" this morning at the Hotchkiss indoor track (10 laps to a mile, I assume, since it takes me a little more than a minute to "run" around once. I listened to a special school assembly they were having below in the gym while I went aroudn and around - a speaker talking about how to integrate the lessons of MLK into their daily interactions with each other. She wasn't a great speaker/presenter, but it was a worthy attempt. Meanwhile I was struggling - couldn't keep it going for a full 30 minutes, had to stop and walk a number of times. I just felt tired. Still do.

Friday, January 12, 2007

In the swim

I haven't run in a few weeks - trying to help my back heal, which it's finally starting to do - but I got back in the pool today. I was trying to test myself against the swimmers on either side of me - I could definitely outstrip Betty if I really tried, though not for long - after six or eight lengths I had to take a break -- but Carl was about 25% faster on every length, even though his form wasn't "perfect" according to the book I'm reading (his legs sank) - he must have a lot of power. I was really trying to focus on form - "press the buoy" "sweet spot" etc and realized when I was doing my "closed fist" drills that I'm doing something wrong when I take a breath - I sink, and use my extended hand to hold me up. I'll have to go back to the book to see more about what I should do about that!

I am itching to get out for a long bike ride (without Miss A. - she's doing great but I don't want to make her try to ride a full 13 miles yet!) but don't know when I can. If the weather is nice on Monday perhaps I can do a morning swim and a midday ride, especially if F. takes the day off and can pick them up from school. I think I'll try a real run Sunday morning - test my fitness! My weight is just about back to where it was at my lowest before all the holidays began - now I can really focus on my next goal.