Sunday, January 28, 2007


With my back pain getting steadily worse, I finally went to my doctor, who sent me to a chiropractor. He did this and that and told me it wasn' t my back at all, it was my sacrum, that shield-shaped bone at the bottom of the spine. He seemed quite knowledgeable about sports and running in particular, which was helpful. He said I pronate severely and should get shoe inserts - by rolling in at the feet, extra pressure is put on my knees and hips. Also I should run more frequently, for shorter duration - 20 minutes 3 times a week is far better than 40 minutes once a week as it builds the muscles appropriately. He insisted I stick with all my core-building exercises, and I'm to come back for more this and that for a few more weeks - releasing scar tissue and learning yet more exercises, specifically to strengthen the sides of my hips. He also had some suggestions for my elbow tendinitis - gave me a strange device that clamps over my forearm and supposedly takes the pressure off the tendons.

Meanwhile I barely worked out at all this week - swam Monday, but then nothing til today (long walk) due to meetings, deadlines, and confusion (left my towel at home one day that I actually did make it to the gym - couldn't shower so didn't want to work out - lame, I know. And I could have used paper towels if I was really committed!)

But I hope I'll start feeling better and stronger now that I have a new plan! (Let's see - for this week, I'll: Monday - run - Tuesday spin, Wednesday - swim, Thursday: run, Friday: swim (if I don't go to NYC), Saturday Pilates and ....? and Sunday bike or run depending on weather. Back exercises, at least 20 minutes, every night. When rest? This week, none - making up for a slothful week.


RUTH said...

It all sounds very painful. Hopefully the chiropractor's advice will be of benefit. Hope you get the shoe inserts ok and that they help.
It sounds sensible to do shorter but more frequent runs...says she who hasn't even broken into a TROT for a long while...LOL
You've set yourself high targets as usual...please have SOME rest.

RUTH said...

Hope the aches and pains are easing.