Monday, September 21, 2009

South Beach diet

It's the only diet that's worked for me, long-term, in the last many years. With little fanfare (a week's throat-clearing and ingredient-preparation) I started last Monday, for REAL - i.e. no exceptions. (The last dozen times I supposedly went on it, I didn't stop drinking or really cut out fruit and all bread. So it wasn't South Beach at all.) I've been hungry a lot this week, especially towards the end, but I lost 5 pounds. I know that 5 pounds that disappear in a week can also come back in a week, so I'm not dancing a jig or buying new clothes, but I AM refocusing and doing it again this week. My hope is to lose the 15 pounds I gained over the last year, and another 10 beyond. That would get me to 185 or so - well over what is supposed to be the max for my height - but I think I'd feel and look fine. (Besides, I'm following the zsa zsa gabor theory : at my age, it's better to keep a little more in my fanny than lose to much in my face!)

Plantar Fasciitis still bothering me, so I've asked for a bike trainer for my birthday (this Friday.)