Monday, April 21, 2008

A new thing to whine about

(or whinge, as they say down under and across the pond.)

I went out running at noontime with my marathon group. One new girls, sixth grade, slim as a blade of grass, left us all in the dust without breaking a sweat.

Meanwhile I chugged along as usual, only to find some weird twinging and pinging on the bottom of my foot. It wasn't enough to stop me but it was annoying and if I'd done more than the three slow miles we covered, it might have become a problem!

The Sharon Classic 5 miler is in 10 days - I haven't even covered the whole course yet! Yikes!


Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Young 6th graders will do that (leave us in the dust). Don't worry about them; just keep on keepin' on. I like to think that it's me you against the course, nobody else.

TriGirl Thea said...

As Lisa says: run your own race.

You know you can walk 5 miles right? So the only battle is between you and your expectations for your finish time.

You can do it. You KNOW you can.

Calyx Meredith said...

We had a cute 7th grader join our half marathon group the day before the race and with no training (other than just being an active kid) she ran/walked the 13 miles faster than I did. I was happy for her but a little disheartened for myself until several buddies told me exactly what Thea said - run your own race. It's hard to let that sink it but it helps all around. Good luck in the 5 miler! You know you can do it! Go Jenny Go!