Sunday, December 10, 2006


I finally found what I think is the right book for me: Triathlon 101. The others were way too technical. (I really don't need five pages of bike diagrams showing the ratios of various parts, and I'm defeinitely not taking blood tests to determine my lactate uptake rate (I made that term up, but people apparently really do take blood tests as part of their training)! This book is much simpler. (Not that I've actually started reading it yet, but the intro makes it sound like the perfect thing for the beginner.)

I went running, sort of, today. I've not been feeling well (but won't whine about my elbow, or my rash, or my nonspecific but decidedly weird feeling under my ear here!) and when I set off (trying to step 90 steps per minute - THAT is hard!!!) my back said, "Hi there, remember me?" and my knees chimed in quickly too, in a very annoyed tone. I brought my camera, so I stopped a lot to shoot what I think will be some rather nice pictures for my photoblog. I felt a bit guilty about not training full-out, but at least I got out the door.

I saw a friend the other day who used to be fat like me, and now she is thin and beautiful. (She was always beautiful.) She drinks green tea and sips chicken broth while cooking dinner (and drinks something like 196 ounces of water a day!) -- I thought I might borrow a trick or two. 64 ounces of water and a few cups of green tea seem like a good place to start to jumpstart the weight loss - I've been stalled out for two months now. (Not that I am unhappy - having lost 24 pounds is a reward in itseld and I'm feeling reasonably patient about the next phase.)

I've been good about my back exercises and did a little weight work today too. Tomorrow if I"m feeling better I'll start a more intense week again: swim spin swim spin swim. Or almost that much. Something's burning gotta go!

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RUTH said...

Hope you do feel better soon. You are doing so well adn "$ pounds weightloss - Wow - that's brilliant. Don't know how well I'd do on green tea and chicken broth - I just love Roast Potatoes and juicy steaks!! Keep up the good work