Monday, December 18, 2006

Standing still

The holidays, the holidays! It's an avalanche of cookies! A tsunami of chocolate! And so many opportunities not to exercise! Yesterday I thought I'd go running (shooting for distance and consistency, as per my new bible, Triathlon 101, which says forget the speed work and "fartleks" and other fancy stuff til much later) but instead we went ice skating and to a dance performance. Skating feels like exercise, sort of - my rear end is definitely telling me I did something yesterday - but I don't think it added much to my cardiovascular abilities. But yes, it's fun and a great way to to spend time with the kids. Speaking of whom, they're out of school for the next two weeks, which puts a crimp into everything - my morning workout schedule is nearly impossible with them. Of course I could have gotten out of bed at 7:00 today and gone for a run before Fred left ... but did I? I did not. So no whining allowed. But I've been zealously sort of) doing my back and "core" exercises, and I think it definitely hurts a bit less. Elbow - still sore. Shoulder/upper back - a slight improvement. The knee I conked so hard on the counter at the coffee shop I thought I'd start to cry, or throw up, or both - still achy. Mysterious pain in my right thumb? Still there. Bizarre unexplained spider bites/rash which prevents me from using the heart monitor? Healing, for sure. Mood? Fine!

So why "standing still" - because I didn't really add onto my times or distances in the last 2 weeks - still working out 4-5 times a week, but maintaining. I guess that's the best I can hope for right now! Come January, the preparation really begins!

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RUTH said...

i think you should be allowed some sort of respite fromall this exercise over the holiday period. Just had a thought as I'm living the outside world via my computer and blogger friends does that mean I can get you to do some exercise for me! LOL