Sunday, August 26, 2007

Still here

I know I haven't posted much - it's because I haven't been training much. I realized that a 10k a week from now is out of reach - I've only been doing 3-ish miles each run. I went swimming yesterday but the pond was choppy - I got a huge mouthful of water after only 2 laps and, I confess, I quit.

I did finally get my clipless pedals today, and after some tinkering with them (I figured out how, myself) I was able to easily clip in and go. Of course I was riding with my 8 year old so "go" means no more than 9-10 mph, for only a few miles! But it helped me get used to them.

I sat on a road bike in a shop the other day and was amazed at how different the leg position was - I think I'd get so much more power on one. But it's not in the cards, for now! So: this week it's intensive rehearsal for our show (Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe) next weekend - my workout opportunities will be limited but I'll be dancing for hours every night! I think my next (and probably last) race will be the Bear Mountain Sprint on September 23. It will be a stretch - half-mile swim, 13 mile bike and 4 mile run. But I hope to really train for at least a few weeks leading up to it!


RUTH said...

Dancing is great excercise! Looking forward to hearing all about the show :o)

LBTEPA said...

Hope it's your 'last' race this season not forever!
Have fun with all your projects - which part are you playing?

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Jenny, I follow your post 's with growing respect!!

JoAnn :)