Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Brick of the season

Yesterday, went to spinning class, there TGT (Triathlon Goddes Tina) has been whipping our butts lately. Then went running with my colleague Sara who will be doing the Marathon Project with me. (Both of us have a half-mary as our goal.) We did 30 minutes - run 2 1/2, walk 1. I felt fine - wobbly at first, but settled in comfortably, and I think we can step it up pretty quickly from there. She's a little more out of shape than I am but a LOT younger! The plan: I will run 2x week with her, once on the weekend ("long run") plus 1 spin, 1 swim, 1 Pilates, 1 weights at home, and 1 something else (elliptical after Pilates, usually, or an outdoor bike ride when the weather improves a bit.) My goal is to be back to running 5k without a walk break by the time the official training season for TMP starts in April.

OF course, there's always a wrench in the works: Last night I got the stomach flu my daughter had all weekend - ugh. I'm on the mend now - just had a few bites of saltine to see if I could keep it down, and so far so good, but I'm exhausted.

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LBTEPA said...

Hey, that sounds great - enjoyable and sustainable :) Get well soon