Sunday, February 10, 2008

A month and a half...

...since my last post. Am I still part of the triathlon blogging community? I have been completely consumed with my photography show, which has been an amazing and thrilling experienced - I chose, printed, framed and hung nearly thirty of the best photos from my Sharon,CT daily photo blog. The opening was last weekend and a ton of my friends came, as did my mom and stepdad. (They bought my best picture!) Since then interesting things have been developing - ad agencies and magazines have been making inquiries into buying my photos - which leads to more time spent on this project instead of on last year's project, training for triathlons!

I think I've also been fighting a mental battle (several, actually.) I always seem to revert to "completely out of shape" after even a shorty layoff - it feels sometimes like the last year's worth of work - almost 2 years - was for nothing. I've gained about 6 pounds, and my injury is still bothering me. And the swimming - sigh. I was on the fence about whether I could brave deep-water swimming again for too long - the Pawling Triathlon is sold out.

However, here's the good stuff. I've still been working out regularly - spinning, elliptical, Pilates, conditioning class and weights; I've been running about 1-2x a week, and I even got back in the pool last week (and will go again today.) Yesterday's run was my best since i hurt myself last October - I kept going for 40 minutes (and didn't take my first walking break until nearly 20 minutes in.) I was slower than ever - I covered about 3 miles in a total of 50 minutes (the last 10 was a walking cooldown) but - it's a start.

And, I've committed to a half-marathon next November in Philadelphia. I'm signing up as a running mentor to middle-school and high school students through The Marathon Project, which my community center is sponsoring in our area. Now THAT will be motivating on so many levels!

Right now I need to address the gear problem - I've HATED my shoes since the day I got them, and I think I have finally put enough miles on them that I"m entitled to buy a new pair. I also don't have quite the right combination of lightweight but breathable but very warm layers for outdoor running, though I came close yesterday - spandex tights under stretchy pants (a GREAT Target buy - heavy and supportive and cute) and my Target fleece top under my Sugoi shmoo top - sort of tight and awkward but warm and snug. (Shmoos were a cartoon character that looked like a roly poly white ghost), hence the illustration above. The one thing I don't like about it is - no pockets. But the sleeves roll over your hands for warmth, or can roll back onto your wrists, which creates a little pocket for a gu or tissue.

So: I'm still here, quietly fighting the good fight. I wasn't quite able to get my New Year's attitude together on New Year's day, but it's starting to come now. At last, my list of 2007 Accomplishments (athletic, only):

Ran a 5 mile race in record (for me) time
Finished TWO sprint triathlons without drowning and enjoyed the hell out of it
Completed a 30 mile bike ride - longest ever for me.
Completed a 10K race - my personal record for distance.
Timed myself at a 1/2 mile 'sprint' in 10:00/mile time. A personal record.
Spent more time bicycling with my children than ever before.
Overcame assorted psychic demons telling me I wasn't capable of doing any of the above.
Found a friendly and supportive community of amazing women (and men) online who are struggling with the same pressures I am - work, family, inertia, injury - and kicking ass - they inspire me!

In addition to the half-mary, my 2008 goals (athletic) include:
Conquering my water fear and doing another tri (probably the Waramaug tri in August);
Being able to do the plank (on my elbows) for 2 minutes
Being able to do the side plank for 1 minute on each side
Doing the 5 mile and 10k I did last year, shaving a minute or more off my time in each.
Getting my weight back to where it was in October, and then losing another ... well, how ambitious should I be? I REALLY want to lose 15 more from there, but I'd be happy with 5 if I could keep it off!

Gotta zoom!

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Glad you're back in the swing of things. :-)