Friday, July 18, 2008

It's HOT, It's muggy.

But I'm still kinda sorta on track. I ran 5 miles and a little more last Saturday, flat rail trail, felt fine after. (Not like the last time when I had to go lie down for like, 3 hours.) Good thing, too, since I worked the rest of the day for 10 hours straight at our Family Arts Festival. Ran hills on Monday - maybe 3 miles. Walked Wednesday for an hour. Walked yesterday for a half-hour. Today I will do basically nothing physical (just because of schedule complications) and tomorrow will get up EARLY and run 6 miles. Yes, six. I have decided to follow the Marathons for Mortals schedule. I like the discipline and structure of it. Though I must say, I hate how badly the book is written and edited. In fact it reads like it had no editor. It's baggy, shapeless (kinda like my lower half) repetitive, self-contradictory and disorganized. It tells you in 10o different places you should do strides and tempo runs, but neither is in the index and the brief explanations for how you should do them are nearly incomprehensible. It tells you you can use either a heart rate monitor or perceived exertion to measure how hard you are running, and then says you have to use a HRM or you're an idiot. Etc. But I like the friendly accepting tone and the emphasis on setting goals appropriate to where you are now.

I haven't swum in weeks (kids' camp schedules are a pain in the ass) nor ridden a bike or even had a spinning class. (The budget won't permit any more gym visits or classes anyway.) But I'm still running!

Just don't ask how Weight Watchers is going.


Michelle said...

It doesn't matter how weight watchers is going because you're still at this game and that's priority #1. My main commitment is to keep trying, no matter what. And that's what you're doing. Keep running!

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Ugh, it IS nasty outside, isn't it? It's the "other" winter.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job with the running!