Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Excuses

Let's see, how many excuses can I come up with in one day?

Achilles aches
Allergy attack
Nightmares last night so poor sleep
Lower Back aches
Hamstrings feel tight
Weird pulling in my back
PMS, leading to
Tatas hurt
Toe feels funny
Big toe joint hurts
Too hot out
Eyes sensitive to sun
Too slow
Ran out of water
... is that enough?

Despite all that I did 5 miles, maybe 5.1. In 1:20, I might add, despite doing the first 2 in very fast time (for me.) I felt great for the frst half-hour, but truly lost it in mile 3 and 4, walked more than I ran, and didn't get it back together til the last mile. But I have to really push myself now to run farther, faster nad more often if this half-marathon is going to happen. November seems far away now, but if we hit August and September and I haven't doubled the mileage I'm doing now, I won't make it. Will a 5 mile run someday seem short and easy? Will I EVER get faster?

Lisa said something interesting in response to my post about my most recent race. I had grumbled that my time was slower than an earlier race, and she said " most of your races won't be your fastest, or your slowest." That sounds right, of course, but I'm still at such an early stage of my running career (I've only been running regularly for 2 years) that I believe I should be getting faster - I can't belie that a 12+ minute pace for a 5K is going to be my average over time!


LBTEPA said...

Now then..listen to your Aunty LBTEPA and BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT...that's the way.
Any 4 of those reasons would have keep me inside so GIVE YOURSELF SOME CREDIT WOMAN!!
YES one day a 5 mile run will seem short (possibly not always easy though, depending on the day). YES you will get faster if you train consistently. I don't know how fast. It depends on your focus. I'm not much faster than I was a year ago, but I can do 21.1 of my lame-arse kms in a row now b/c that's what I have been training for. Are you following a program for your half? Where are you supposed to be now according to that? The John Bingham program I followed (from the book Marathoning for Mortals) started with a 6km 'long' run and built up.
Also -
what do you mean "I won't make it"?
won't make the distance? Yes you will. You could walk it now if you had to.
-won't make it in a certain time? How realistic is your goal time?
- won't make it without walking? Maybe, maybe not. I run:walk 9min:1min. No shame in walking
If you figure out your EXACT goal then maybe you won't feel so frantic.
Enough lecturing from me

Calyx Meredith said...

Oh gosh - everything "aunty lbtepa" said sounds great! I can only add that you've been running for two years now! Woo hoo! If you need fast to be your goal, then I think there are ways to go faster over the shorter distances, but you've been training to be ready for the longer distances and you've been doing a great job. Don't stop believing in yourself now!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Sometimes instead of going faster, your body is working on going farther. I know that *I* can't work on both at once.

Michelle said...

I agree with the others, give yourself some credit for how far you've come. I just did my first triathlon a few weeks ago and continue to struggle with the running. I am also hoping it will one day get easier. We have to hang in there!


Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

You forgot: It smells funny outside, the pollen count might be high, and it might get hot later on (I put off exercising a lot becuase of what MIGHT happen.)