Saturday, June 21, 2008

Bridge Run - done

Another 5k this morning. The alarm was set for six, but I was awake by 5:15. (That wasn't the earliest I'd woken up this week - I was roused at 3am by the local Sheriff a few days ago, when there was a break-in at work!) It was a lovely cool misty morning, and after stopping to photograph a baby great horned owl I met my Marathon project peeps and off we went.

This wasn't the world's best organized race - it started late (on a day that got hotter by the second) and the organizers didn't have bullhorns so you had to just notice when people were gathering or moving around), there was nobody standing at the miles so you couldn't tell your pace (I don't have a Garmin) and no water at the finish - you had to trudge up a hill and around the corner and then ask around to find out where it was. But there were lots of volunteers (and if you shouted out to them they'd point you in the right direction, otherwise they'd just kind of stare at you) and it was a nice course, following the Hudson river for a while. Somewhat hilly but not as bad as the last one we did. I struggled through - did much worse than I thought I *should* - 41 minutes, compared to 38 at the first one, and 43 last time. I really think I ought to be getting faster by now!

Weight Watchers update: hanging in there. First "official" i.e. recorded weigh-in on Monday, and if all goes well tomorrow I'll definitely have a 2 pound loss, maybe even 3. Looking forward to reading and implementing the Beck Diet Solution, which is all about how to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles to follow whatever diet one chooses.

One thing I noticed this week: I can't let myself get too hungry and then put myself in the way of temptation - I went semi-crazy at a Mexican restaurant on Friday. I've been great otherwise, but confronted with chips and nachos and stuff, on a day when I've had literally 3 hours' sleep and didn't compensate with overeating, I was helpless.

PS I'll be checking Ironman Live all day tomorrow to see how GeekGrl, Sweet Baboo and the rest of the triathlon bloggers are doing at Ironman Couer D'Alene - they are all champions!


LBTEPA said...

Littel by little darl - 6 days out of 7 you ate how you wanted, that's good! (and who can resist nachos? I can't!)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I laughed at your description of the race not being the best organized because I've been a races like that! Guess that happens now and again.

As far as your time, I'd learned that most races won't be a PB (personal Best) or PW (personal Worst), but somewhere in between. So no worries about being smack in the middle of the other two times.