Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lots to say, but too tired to say it

I started this post a week ago (more?) but never finished or posted it. Tomorrow is my first 10k race of the season, and I have only run once this week - it was all Gilbert & Sullivan, all the time, from Monday through today. My feet are aching from performing in ill-fitting character shoes!

Anyway here's what I wrote on August 22: "I ran nine miles this morning . It was really, really hard. I had planned it all week, found a great rail trail through a nature preserve (in Michigan) but then this morning I was tired, achy, and got out the door late so it was already hot and humid. So I decided to turn around after 30 minutes. Then I decide dto turn around after 45 minutes. Then I decided to go all the way. Then I regretted it because I was hot, tired, and walking more than I was running. But by then it was too late - I had to finish. Luckily the rail trail runs through what is now suburbs, so every mile or two it crosse da main road where I could st0p and buy a sports drink or bottle of water. So the whole run took 2 1/2 hours - by far the longest training I've done. My knee hurt, a sport above the inside of my right ankle hurt, my lower back hurt, and now, 12 hours later, my feet still really hurt.

I had new shoes, too - there's a nice running store here (at my dad's house) where I quizzed the salesperson about whether it's best to keep buying the same pair if you find one you like, vs. alternating with different pairs. She felt it was much better to switch it up, but I have loved these shoes so much I wanted another exactly the same. They've been discontinued, but she had them, in my size, for $25 less than I've seen them anywhere else. A no-brainer. I tried on a few other pairs and kinda liked a set of NIkes, but 2 pairs of shoes is definitely not in the budget.

If I had any energy I'd write something about how wierd it always is to come home. I love to see old friends, but also hate all the emotional tugs - driving past a place that I associate with my first boyfriend - that nostalgia, sadness, wistful memory of being young ... I would rather stay in the common-sense practical present! I visited my childhood house - my sister had discovered it was up for sale so I called the realtor who kindly arranged for me to walk throught it. The family that bought it from my mom 21 years ago still lives there and now that their kids are grown they are moving away (because why anyone would stay in Detroit is beyond understanding - the city is as devastated as New Orleans but the only attention it's getting these days is mocking its ridiculous mayor, not the help it so desperately needs.)"

... there was much more I intended to write but never did! Now a week has gone by, my brain has moved on, and my next post will be, I hope, a happy race report!

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