Sunday, February 21, 2010

Selective memory loss

Or is it just complete memory loss?

I ran a almost 4 1/2 miles yesterday, feeling good and strong - I only walked a minute after each mile. I told my husband it was the longest and fastest I'd run in over a year. But looking back at last year's entries, I've clearly forgotten almost everything. I did the Sharon Classic - 5 miles - in a faster time than I ran yesterday. I am, maybe, a little ahead of where I was at this time last year or the year before, but only marginally.
I've also apparently forgotten how many times I started a diet over the past year - various workout programs, South Beach or Weight Watchers, every few months. The truth is, I've probably woken up every day of my life vowing to lost weight starting now.

But so far, this time has been different that at least the last few efforts. I've lost almost 10 pounds, and I THINK I weigh less than I did at any time in 2009. (Never got below about 202 - now I've scraped under 200. But my attitude is different - Welbutrin and therapy are helping with that. About which, more anon.