Saturday, March 10, 2007

Six day, six workouts

That's my plan, anyway. Fred and the kids left last night for Colorado, and I won't see them til Thursday night (in Detroit.) So I have six days to myself, six days to do what I want. That's a lot of time (and a lot of pressure) to accomplish things! I started out this morning with Pilates and about 30 minutes on the spinning bike. It's going to warm up this weekend, so I'm going to run tomorrow, outside. Monday I will swim (and I WILL go to bed early Sunday night, and I WILL get up early and go Monday, so I can be at my 9:30 meeting at work.) Tuesday... a difficult question, as I have to take a 6am train to NYC. I might call walking around my workout, or I could try ot come back early enough that I could do ... something. Wednesday and Thursday will be swim/run/spin/"IBB class" - or some combination thereof. Once in Michigan I should be able to keep up the momentum - my dad is a member of a very fancy gym where I can do just about anything for the five days I'm there while he plays with the kids.

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RUTH said...

Good for you!