Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What happened to me?

After weeks of hard work and discipline, I've completely reverted to a lazy, excuse-making slug. I had an excuse over the weekend: an unexpected funeral and travel to it, which onsumed all of Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday I thought I had a 9am meeting - I could have gone to the gym for a short time and still gotten there by 9 but didn't - and then the meeting was cancelled. Today, same: I mooched around at home all morning and still got to work late. No excuse at all. Tomorrow - VERy early meeting, not time for morning exercise (but could go in the evening, and I'd better, since Thursday and Friday, with no school for the kids, the chances of a morning workout are even slimmer.) Can't give up now! (Especially since, the whole weekend, all my cousins were clapping me on the back congratulating me for the triathlon which I haven't done yet!)

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RUTH said...

Come on Jenny....I come here for my work out to find you've done nothing..tut tut. Don't you realise I am mentally training with you?......how am I mentally going to run that triathlon if you don't keep me up to speed....lol