Friday, September 14, 2007

Still here, still chugging!

I think the fall weather is inspiring. I've gotten into some great new routines, and have a great new workout schedule: Monday morning swim. Tuesday morning spin. Wednesday and Thursday, run (while my daughter is at Soccer practice.)I can do sprints and speed work on the rail trail, or run hills - whichever I need.

Also Thursdays, swim at the new Master's club that is starting - very excited about this. Friday - depends on how many days in a row I've worked out - if I need a rest day. Saturday / Sunday - one long run, one bike ride. Plus I have a new weight training routine to do 4 days a week, at home. I've restarted my modified South Beach diet (and have lost about 2 pounds this week, with a goal of something like 10 more pounds by spring for a total of 40) - for some reason I find fall an easier time to eat less and exercise more. Maybe the ice cream and the cold beer isn't so tempting when the temperature drops (and those fall clothes are motivating too.)

So - I think my triathlon season is over. I had one tentatively planned for Sunday but my swim panic is still inhibiting me - last time I went out I had a real panic attack. So I'm going to look for a 5k to do and try to focus on speed, and do the Master's swim thing to improve my stroke and confidence. (Maybe try some hypnotism too.) For next year I'm considering the following goals: a faster sprint tri (or three,) a 10k run, and if those go well, think about a half-marathon next October. Maybe an Oly, but maybe not til 2009.

Meanwhile, I'll redesign the blog, write a mission statement and/or 92 interesting things about me, and all the other fun things people do on their blogs, and keep on chugging on this journey I've been enjoying so much!


LBTEPA said...

I hope along with making all these eciting plans, you've congratulated yourself on everything you've achieved this summer! Write more soon darl I love reading your blog :)

RUTH said...

Glad to hear you're back on track. The idea of hypnotism is interesting as the only thing holding you back is the swimming. Make sure you have fun with your chugging :o)

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Ooooh...I like setting goals and then going after them. Have fun with that!

I also find autumn more inspiring than summer. Next year I'm going to plan my schedule so that I can go easy during summer and not feel bad about it. Ha!