Sunday, October 19, 2008

How far I've come

Whenever I'm feeling lazy and tired, I should remember today.

I didn't want to run, didn't want to run, didn't want to run. I spent the morning Skpe-ing faraway friends, eating things I shouldn't eat, lazily working away at cleaning the kids' playroom. Finally about 4:00 I started to putter around and get ready to run. (I couldn't decide where to run, how far to run, what to bring...)

Finally I decided to do the 5-mile Sharon Classic route, and add on to it if I felt strong after the first 2 miles. I did, so I did. Amenia Union Road is VERY hilly but I felt solid the whole way, and stuck with my run 3 walk 1 even on the worst hills. I ended up doing 7.3 miles in 1 hour, 44 minutes. Slow, obviously, but I just looked back at my first 7 mile run, in mid-July. I did just over 7 miles, in 1:44 - the exact same time -- on the perfectly flat rail trail. I know that I SHOULD have gotten better and stronger in that time, because I've been training pretty steadily, but I don't always believe it. So today, I believe it.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

Good job! Glad you proved to yourself that you are making progress. :-)

LBTEPA said...

those are the best days - they drag you along over all the disappointing moments. Print out your post or take a photo and stick it on your fridge to remind you :)

Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

I love days like that. I feel like, FINALLY, all that hard work is paying off. I get so freaked out when I hit a plateau and then I have a day like that, and feel so energized and encouraged.