Saturday, October 25, 2008

I think I just ran 10 miles.

And I think I did it in 2:08 - a 12:48 pace. I'm not 100% sure - I lost track of the mileposts on the rail trail, but it's my best guess - even though it's way faster than I'd have expected (though it is very flat and it was a cool day.) I had a lot of reasons I thought I wouldn't make it - sore achilles, tummy troubles, blah blah blah. My iPod was acting weird (skipping over the downloaded songs from iTunes - all legal btw -- and only playing once I"d copied from CD's - any idea why this would happen? It seems OK now.) Also it started raining and whipping wind for a while. But once I was out there I knew I had to go the whole way - I am running out of prep time. Glad I did too - 10 miles is HARD and I want to do one more at least this long before the half-marathon - maybe 11 miles, on the weekend after election day. (There's also a 5k race that weekend so it's not a good combo. Maybe I can take some time on a weekday a few days after the 5k - that would be about 10 days before the big race.

I need to really focus on the core work - my back is the sorest part of me right now. But - gotta go - kids' birthday parties and all that for the rest of the weekend.


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

WoooHooo!! 10 miles is awesome.

If you can get one more long run like that before the half marathon, it will probably help a lot on race day. But even if you don't, today's run was good prep.


LBTEPA said...

That's sensational - you will be so ready for your HM. You should go back and read some of your posts from a month or so ago when you were so discouraged but you kept at it - and look at you now!!