Friday, November 14, 2008

I really don't like this taper business

Earlier this week I had my plans made to go out today for my last, and longest run, yet - 11 miles. I felt I needed just that one last proof that I could do it - some insurance I guess. But then I reviewed the training plans in "Marathoning for Mortals" which said DON"T give into the temptation to run long this close to the event - I should be doing no more than 6 this weekend. TGTina told me the same. I don't actually understand the science of it - if I do a long run one weekend, and do a few short easy runs in the middle, I usually feel fine by the next weekend, and the marathon is 9 days from now (next Sunday.) But - I defer to those who know more than I do. It's just a bit frustrating!

Plus, I've been eating everything in sight - there are certain situations, like parties with platters of chips and dip and brownies, where I have absolutely no self-control. All the marathon mentors got together last night to go over plans for next weekend (there are 100 of us going, including adults and kids!), and everyone brought goodies. My weight is up from my lowest two weeks ago, but down from my recent high over the summer - somewhere in between. I just know I'm going into that winter danger zone where my appetite just goes up and up and up, and exercise opportunities go the other way. Must. Not. Give. In. Better go re-read Beck a few more times!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I think it really depends if you are training FOR an event or training THROUGH an event. The taper is so that you have your peak performance on race day. Doing that 11 mile run might have given you the mental edge you need, though.

Best wishes for the HM next weekend!

LBTEPA said...

sounds as though your next project is to work on a 'party strategy' so you can stop saying things like you have no self -control!
sometimes I think a taper is just to mess with my head - but I always go faster than I expect if I taper properly so there you go.
Good luck for next week!