Friday, November 21, 2008

This is it

Alarm set for 6am. Out the door by 6:45 to meet my crew at 7, drive to Poughkeepsie to meet the other 100 people going to Philadelphia. We'll drive down, arrive around noon, head to the race expo where I hope to score the Perfect Socks, try on some jackets and winter gear, and browse the offering.

2pm, sneak away to meet my mom for coffee, and maybe be back in time for the tour of Independence Hall. But I've seen it before, so might just hang out til the big Pasta Dinner at 5:30. Movie after (maybe that one about Fred LeBow that just came out, and bedtime at 9pm. Sleep? Hard to say!

4am alarm. Shower, eat, meet at the Rocky Steps at 6am for photos, race time: 7am.

It will be about 32 degrees at dawn, going up to a high of 39. My plan is to wear:

My brand-new race ready driline tights with the five mesh pockets.
A wicking duofold long-sleeve base layer
A fleece half-zip top (from Target.)
A yellow cotton Marathon Project shirt over all that (we're all told to wear them to be recognizable) that I cut the neck out of and the sleeves off - it's kinda uncomfortable but at least it's long.
Light cotton gloves that I won't mind losing if I lose them.
A fleece earwarmer - I'm in love with it. (I bought 2, at 2.99 each I figured I could splurge. One for my neck, one for my head. Or, if need be, one to wrap my water bottle into my hand.)

If it feels really freezing I might switch from the fleece to my white "shmoo" top - it is a warm fabric with foldover hands and a hood.

In my pockets I will have: 2 packets of clif shot bloks (or maybe one packet of those and one bunch of pretzels.) Tissues. MP3 player maybe. (They're forbidden.) A spot for my gloves. perhaps my mini-water flask but I'm guessing it won't fit. An ID, I guess.

At our tent I'll leave my down coat, hat, and whatever layers I decide not to bring.

My race plan is to stick with 3:1 the whole way no matter how energetic I feel early on. If I feel crappy I'll try 2:1 or even 1:1. My sole goal is to maintain energy and stamina to finish.

I expect to finish in somewhere around 3 hours, maybe a bit more (I'm starting in the 3:15 group.) We'll mill around, eat, maybe head back to change and shower and come back to cheer on the full marathoners. Hit the bus around 2pm, back to POK by 6, home by 7, sleep by 7:01!

Check back in 2 days to find out how it all went!


Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

WooooHooo!! Sounds like a plan! Have a blast. Looking forward to reading about it.

LBTEPA said...

Yay! Yay! Good luck! Have fun!