Sunday, November 09, 2008

Not exactly what I'd planned

I thought I was doing 11 miles today but left the house too late -I had less than 2 hours, so only did a little over 7. I tried to push myself - since the time and distance would be less, I tried to run harder. I started out doing 4:1 instead of my usual 3:1, and to increase the intensity. The hills on this route are serious - nothing like the marathon route will be. I went out fast - too fast - and slowed down too much for a while on the hills. The final result was similar to my run on October 19 - same distance, roughly same time (maybe a few minutes faster, overall.) Not sure what the training value is of a run like that where I push hard and then falter later!

Back home, I'm watching old John and Faith Hubley videos on YouTube with my 6 year old. Sweet!


LBTEPA said...

The raining value of a run like that is you learn how to pace yourself, and you learn how tough you are - you can keep going no matter what!

Duane said...

Hope you have a fantastic race!