Monday, November 02, 2009

5K in 40 minutes and I feel proud!

I haven't run a race since June - I've been sitting on the couch, metaphorically speaking. My internet and Facebook addiction has seriously affected my workout schedule and I've overindulged my injuries. So yesterday I just did it - entered a small local race on the rail trail (thus almost flat) It was a perfect re-entry. Turns out I knew a bunch of people there so it felt very friendly and supportive. The course is a very slight downhill slope out, and thus very slightly uphill all the way back.

In preparing for the race, my biggest dilemma was shoes: I brought my old, soft, well-worn New Balances, and my new Asics with the orthotics. I warmed up with both and decided to go soft and comfy rather than heavy and stiff, and was very glad of it. I managed to run the whole course, except for a few very brief walk breaks in the last quarter mile (mostly due to anxiety - when I'm in view of the finish line I often have an anxiety attack, thinking I'm going to pass out or puke from the effort in front of all those people!)

I crossed the line in about 40 minutes - a 13 minute mile. I'm comfortable with that and felt GREAT for the rest of the day.

I think I may give upon the orthotics altogether and just put the regular insoles back in the Asics for a while. (If I can find them - wonder if I can order new ones?) I'll still wear my very supportive chaco's and keep the dress orthotics too. But the running ones have always felt awful. Maybe I can get my money back!


Lisa said...

if you can't find your old insoles, maybe you can get some cheap-ish ones at walmart. they will probably feel better than the stiff orthotics, but still be better than what came with the shoes. just a thought.

and good job on the 5K. :-)

LBTEPA said...

hey well done - go you!

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