Sunday, November 05, 2006

First Brick...

...sort of. I rode for only about 3 miles, at kid pace - lots of stopping, heart rate never got above mid-80's, really hardly any effort. But then I ran 24 minutes (and a little more, but that doesn't count as I stopped to tie my shoe.) I went about 2 miles in that time. I'm not worried about pace (much) - just time and total distance, right now. I suppose that in six months of concerted effort I could get up to 10 minute miles for 3 miles -that seems a very manageable goal. (To do that after a swim and a bike ride would be just fine!) I feel fine right now (of course I've had 2 cglasses of wine at a little event I popped in to) so why shouldn't I. I am quite concerned in the long term about my lower back - it's been so painful lately I think I should probably check in with my good friends at Nordicare physical therapy.

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