Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Here's a "BEFORE" picture to compare to - it's from last May before I lost any weight. I'd just finished a 5-mile race, which I walked almost entirely.

So I'm trying to amass as much cool gear for as cheap as possible - I bought a $5 nylon swim cap and equally cheap goggles at paragon. So far so good with them. (It's actually my second pair of goggle. My first fit like two tiny monocles and were incredibly uncomfortable. These are cooler looking and even though they leave racoon marks around my eyes (which are already deepset with dark circles - this does NOT help my appearance!)

I've not had as much luck with bike gear. I don't care so much that the grippers on the shorts cut my thighs in half like a balloon being twisted into a dog. But the fact that the seams split after about six wearings is pretty annoying. The shoes are OK - like all shoes they hurt my wide feet - but the cleats are absurd since I can't even attach them to the spinning pedals. I think the chances that I'm actually going to want to clip my feet on a real road are pretty slim because of the fear factor: I read somebody's triathlon diary online and she mentioned hills. Going up hills isn't the problem, it's going down hills. I hate going down hills. I hate going fast and feeling out of control. My stodgy mountain bike is probably going to be pretty sturdy, but I think road training in general is going to be my biggest obstacle - I'm afraid of getting hit by cars, of skidding out, of falling down and getting a boo boo. Hmm... this could be a problem!

So I called this post "setbacks" - why? Oh, right. Back pain...gotta call the physical therapist and get a handle on that. And Halloween. I'd broken the big 2-0-0 barrier (that's pounds, folks) but a sudden inability to stop eating mini-Twix bars has set me back weeks! And Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away, with Christmas/Hanukah/Solstic/New Year's, etc etc just behind. I suppose if I could arrive at New Year's day weighingt what I do now, that would be accomplishment enough! (But I want more, more, MORE!)

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RUTH said...

Hi Jenny, Thanks for your visit. I too was very hesitant to make my life so public. Even now, and dont tell anyone(LOL) I have a secret blog that I put some things in that I dont want even family to know about. At first in my public blog I didnt say much but as time has gone on I've opened up a little more and now have 2 public blogs. And when people like Milestones are so supportive with their comments it does help. Please visit again
P.S.Some great photos on your other blogs