Sunday, November 26, 2006

A little break from training...

For Thanksgiving, and to recover from various back pain - lower back, from jogging and overdoing Pilates, and upper left back and neck from I don't know what. While I was in Ohio for Thanksgiving, I got a massage (thanks, F, for giving me the afternoon off from the kids, and thanks, D, for paying for it!) which helped, some. Large quantities of Advil helped more, and 3 days of almost no excercise seems to be helping most of all. (Just some core work and a little swimming around the hotel pool.) The scale is up, but the pain is down. My triathlon books came in to the library so I'll have something to read tomorrow.

Training for the T gave me a topic for all my Thanksgiving chats with relatives - everyone was Really Impressed. Does that mean I really have to do it now? Not that I"m considering chickening out. And one can always claim an injury if necessary. I just hope I'm not talking too much about it too soon, considering that a 20 minute swim, 10 minute jog (with some speed work) and 5 minute bike ride at the hotel completely wiped me out!

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RUTH said...

you are doing really well. Keep going!!