Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Long swim!

I did 40 lengths today, more or less non-stop (a few pauses to cough out inhaled water) - according to my calculator that's .58 mile! I did it in about 35 minutes or a little longer - still so slow! I got a bit sloppy as I went along, and definitely a bit tired at the end, but feel fine now. The video Beth sent was good but I need to watch it again to really get the body position drills. They're similar enough to Total Immersion that I don't feel I'd be pulling in two directions at once. Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide if I should sign up for a Total Immersion workshop in March - husband and kids will be away, so I have the time, but it's $495! The alternative would be to take a few classes, which are much cheaper, but it means driving an hour there and back many times instead of just once or twice! (I guess if I figure the savings in gas and time it might be worth it to do the workshop!) I made some money selling photos, but used it all to tune and fix the piano... so I'd have to come up with another source of extra cash. Meanwhile, I have had a pretty good week - though I didn't do my "brick" on Monday I had a decent short run (17 minutes) and went to spinning yesterday. Tomorrow I plan to spin again, then either swim or run or both or skate(!) on Friday. Saturday I'll spin, Sunday... we'll see!

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