Saturday, February 03, 2007

Where I run

I am very lucky to live down the road from a VERY posh private school, which makes its facilities available to the community. I run here for $2/day... I swim here for $5/day or $200 for the whole school year, September to May. It's only available in the mornings because the students use it other times. It's bright, cleanish (they mop the stairs about a hundred times a day but the dust bunnies on the track have been there a while), the showers usually have hot water... all in all a good deal! The track is 11 laps to a mile - one woman I know said she never runs here because it's like being a gerbil in an exercise wheel. But she runs miles every day and then swims miles more. (She's 60, and she told me that once my kids grow up and leave home I'll have time for that too! Hard to imagine!)
Here's what I listen to when I run: Prince, Foo Fighters, Indigo Girls, Abbey Lincoln, Bruce Springsteen, Sarah Vaughan, Dixie Chicks... an odd collection I've downloaded through various sites including BestAudioCodes, discovered rom Ruth via Stewart. (I have a little program that can save any audio that comes through the computer, not the highest quality but it will do and it's free.) I need something new - something bright and energetic - suggestions, anyone?

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RUTH said...

Handy place to have round the corner and so cheap!!! Good music to run by too.....though I bet Road to hell! is played a lot when you're tired...LOL