Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pushing it

I've realized that if I'm going to make progress I have to really push it - no more "oh, I'll do a 20 minute workout today and do more tomorrow." I'm not going to get better/stronger/faster without real effort! Luckily TGT (Triathlon Goddess Tina) is a great motivator - her spin class this morning was INTENSE! My legs are shaking but I feel great.

I printed out a map of the Pawling Triathlon route and hope to take a trip down to drive it, so I can start to visualize it while I train. My husband has gotten back into running and we're trying to figure out when I can run with him - maybe I'll drive to where he works and run with his group on Tuesday - they have a teacher/coach, who can maybe give me some tips. (It means a three hour bite out of my work day, though)! He's the kind of natural athlete who can sit around all winter, train for six or eight weeks, and then run a 5 mile race in under an hour. Whereas I've been exercising consistently for over a year and 2 miles is still hard for me! But I'm going to push it and try to do a 3 mile run in the next week or so. Then all I have to do is start combining!

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RUTH said...

catching up on a few days here....wears me out just thinking about all the hard work you're doing. I do envy "natural athletes".
Keep up the good work.