Sunday, December 16, 2007


GeekGirl tagged me! I'm so flattered! I'm supposed to share five unusual things about me. I've already done this once before on my other blog, so click here for eight more "interesting" facts.

1. I once had a joke published in Hustler Magazine (but wasn't paid for it.) The story of how it came to be is kinda funny - details below.
2. GeekGrl says her beloved told her she has pretty feet, which reminded me that the guy I had a crush on in high school told me I had sturdy feet. I think he meant it as a compliment, but at age 16 hoping for my first- ever kiss, it wasn't the one I was hoping for! (He never did kiss me.)
3. I have actually played the part of a fairy onstage. As an adult. Seriously. (In Gilbert & Sullivan, so it wasn't THAT serious!)
4. I have gotten lost in every borough of New York City.
5. I once worked as a park ranger in a remote island off the coast of Michigan's upper peninsula - at night you could hear the wolves howling.

So the story of Hustler Magazine (in case you aren't or don't know any teenage boys, it's a porn magazine): my first boyfriend worked in the comic book industry after college - a friend of ours had co-founded a wonderful company called Milestone Media and my by-then-already-ex was one of the first writers working there. But for various reasons he left, and after much travail found a job as the editor of the humor section of Hustler. (What makes this hilarious is that he is the shyest person on the planet - he'd literally leave the room if someone was breastfeeding their baby.) We were still friends, and as I had just had my daughter at that time, proposed a joke to him that was a parody of the "Got Milk" campaign, involving a man, a milk mustache, and a naked breast. (It ran in the magazine with another friend of ours posing in the photo as the most happy fella.) He left that job after a short time, before he got totally corrupted, and is now back in the "legit" world of Saturday morning cartoons!

Now I'm supposed to tag five other people. But since everyone in blog land has already been tagged at least once, I don't want to spam anyone. Instead, if you read this and want to tag yourself, please do (and say so in the comments so we can come to your blog and learn more about you!)

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