Saturday, December 15, 2007

Three weeks, no post!

Where am I? What am I doing? I'm starting over, in some ways. I had gained back about 8 pounds, but in the last while I've gotten a grip on myself and have re-lost 4 of them - helped along by a nasty bout of stomach flu! (Is it "The Devil Wears Prada" that has the line that goes something like, "I'm just one stomach flu away from fitting into my skinny jeans?" Since recovering, I've worked out every day. I bought some heavier dumbbells, and finally popped for a new heart rate monitor after having lost the transmitter on my old one a couple of months ago. Soon I'll decipher all the buttons so I can use it properly! (It's a Polar F6 - it has some fancy functions like a diary and upload to computer abilities - but honestly the only thing I really care about is keeping track of where I am when I'm working out - I'll never be enough of a geek-head (no insult intended, GeekGrl!) to want to chart and graph my workouts. I stopped going to IronWil's ThroughTh3Wall Challenge in part because, of all the fun timewasters, like Facebook, which I'm currently enjoying mightily, that one just wasn't grabbing me! End of digression, or is it all digression?)

Anyway, my injury is still bothering me a lot, though my insurance company decided I was better enough that they don't need to continue paying for the PT. I have a little money left over in my flex savings account so I can go next week and the week after if they're around during the holiday, but then it's just me and my foam roller. So I'm spinning, ellipticalling, shoveling snow, walking steep hills on the treadmill, and a LITTLE light jogging. Oh and I've managed to mostly avoid swimming for various reasons but I WILL get back in the pool soon. Will I ever race again? I don't know. At least I'm going through this during the winter, not peak race season!

I'm planning to start a new blog, though: I have at least a dozen essays in mind about various feminist-ish topics - the evils of girl's toys and TV shows, how far back we've fallen since the 70's in creating positive images for girls - oddly enough and completely coincidentally, just as I started to write this, the kids found, of all things, the Free to Be, You and Me CD and put it in. Marlo Thomas, what has become of your dream?


LBTEPA said...

It doesn't matter if you ever race again (but come on, admit it, you enjoyed it!)
SOOOOOOOOO with you on the decline of feminism and the difficulties of providing girls with appropriate role-models (I just try to be one myself, sigh) toys, tv and clothes! Grrrrrrrrr!

GeekGirl the Iron said...

I'm looking forward to the new blog! Be sure to link to it. PS: I'm taggin you!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

welcome back!