Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eye-opening, part II

Here's what I have learned about myself:
This is yesterday's results, according to FitDay. As of 5pm I'd eaten 1409 calories. Knowing that, and knowing I'd have to really account for everything else I ate was a real incentive not to binge when I got home. But it was hard - I was in the kitchen cooking, the kids were milling around (actually they were planting seeds) and I was HUNGRY. I ate basically normally at dinner, including using plenty of olive oil when I was cooking. It is mostly estimates, of course - if you put in "1 small corn muffin" for example, the program may say it had shortening as an ingredient when it really had canola oil. You can add custom foods by inputting the nutrition label, but I don't think you can create one by combining ingredients to create a recipe. (You can in the PC version, but I think I'll stick with online, as I work at 3 different computers at different times of day.) That being the case I don't think I can draw a lot of conclusions about the percentages of different kinds of fat, for example. But on first glance, it looks to me like I need more protein, less fat, and more fiber. Oh, and maybe cut back on the wine! But, considering my workouts yesterday (according to FitDay I burned over 3,000 calories between "basal" "lifestyle" and my 2 workouts), it could be a lot worse! I think this could be a valuable tool for me.


TriGirl Thea said...

Hiya Jenny,

Well done on sarting your food diary. Its the only way to lose weight, I'm convinced of it.

But how accurate is FitDay? I just plugged in some figures to calculate my daily calories burned, and it seems ever so high!

Calyx Meredith said...

Wow! Way to get started and put it out there. The accountability piece is a big motivator. Some days it's knowing I "have" to and some days it's knowing I "get" to write it all down that keeps me on track. Thanks for sharing the tool and your evaluation of it! (And also for stopping by my site. It's nice to "meet" you. :D)

SUB6 said...

looks good. Wish I had the patience to do this. Always say I am going to start but never do. Will be interesting to follow your progress:)