Friday, March 21, 2008

What a little information can do

I am so excited about FitDay. Everyone always says that writing down what you eat makes the difference - I think really knowing the calories and nutrients of what i eat is going to be huge for me - I had no idea how much fat I eat! Here is the chart from the third day - compare to the one from 2 days ago:

First of all I cut out 200 calories, mostly from alcohol and fat (The day in between these two was worse than the first on all counts!) Not that I'm quitting drinking altogether, just being more aware of the total caloric picture! I also realized I probably should be having more protein - quite a surprise considering how much legumes I consume! Though on a "normal" day in the past few months I probably ate a lot more - peanut butter, cheese, etc.

On another subject: IronWil, in her blog (she is in another universe from me, athletically speaking - serious Ironman territory) suggested looking at your blog one year ago, 2 years ago etc to compare where you are now, mentally and physically, with how far you've come. In her case, she is less obsessed, less intense, more in balance, than she was. I was afraid to look at this time last year, thinking I'd fallen behind, lost my edge. But I'm about where I was, maybe even a little ahead, running wise, compared to mid-March last year. I hadn't gotten my bike out by this time last year (and haven't this year either) - the only major difference is I was doing a lot of swimming last year. This year I've already done some bricks, sort of - days when I spin and then run; last year I hadn't yet. I hope I do a tri this year - I hope the hypnosis helps! (I'm going to my first appt. next week.)

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LBTEPA said...

Crikey... I don't want to know how much fat I eat.
Wil is so inspiring - when you get to know her she's just the same as any of us (only a bit more obsessed LOL).
Good luck with the hypnosis