Monday, March 31, 2008

No More Clif Bars for Me

My weight is under the dreaded 2-double-Oh for the first time in a while. I didn't track my food religiously last week, but even those few days of entering the data gave me a real idea of how I need to eat right now, and when I stopped, after a few more days I started getting fuzzy again so it's back to the plan.

Here's a pitfall I fall into, again and again and again. I think it's because it takes a few days for any eating change to show up on the scale. What happens is, I'll be "perfect" for a few days, and the scale won't budget. Then I slip - eat an extra scone, a few cookies, too much wine - and the next day I've lost weight. Then I think, oh, I can have that scone, that wine is no problem. And before you know it, all self-discipline is gone, and I'm up three more pounds.

I am wearing jeans that I put in the back of the closet months ago because they were huge - now they're snug. (At least I have plenty of clothes that fit, since I didn't throw anything away.) But I refused to get depressed about it, just motivated!

So I made another batch of my yummy barley lentil yogurt salad, stocked the fridge with everything high fiber, high complex-carb-and-protein, highly delicious. No more clif bars for me - they are a trap. I'm eating real food only. Clifs and their ilk are too sweet, too chemically, they get my tastebuds wanting candy bars and cookies. Oh and they are too expensive. (Except when they're on sale at Price Chopper, 10 for $10. Maybe I'll pick some up when racing season starts.)

Last week's workouts (which I did track in FitDay:)
Total Running: 3 times, 1 hr 10 mins total, 7.5 miles approx (including one day of sprints)
Total Core/Strength: 3 brief sessions (10 mins each)
Total other (mostly walking): 3 times, about 20 minutes each
Total Bike/Spin: 1 45-minute session
No swimming.
Not my best week, but consistent. This week I'll step it up again, and next week I'm going on vacation - a week in Costa Rica!!!! Not sure what kind of exercise, other than hiking/walking, I'll get, but I don't care! (And I know I"ll be eating healthy - rice and beans, ceviche - what could be bad about that?)


LBTEPA said...

Oh, that is such a trap! I feel your pain my friend.
A consistent week IS a good week. We're not paid to do this, it has to fit into our reality :)
Wow! Have a great time!

SUB6 said...

Congratulations on dipping below the 2 oh oh :)

I fall into that same trap you talk about :(

I like your quote Ibtepa about not being paid to do this - good one!

Keep on blogging


TriGirl Thea said...

Well done Jenny!
The scales can play havoc with your motivation I find. Especially since I fluctuate by a good three or four pounds (water salt etc). So you end up being good all weeks and ending up heavier somehow!?!


But well done you for making healthy choices. And IMHO consistency beats faddy (very low calorie diets) any day of the week.

Have a great vacation!

Calyx Meredith said...

I struggle with the same issue over the weight loss time delay! It's great to hear you stay motivated through that and refuse to berate yourself. How exciting to have a week in Costa Rica coming up. Good luck this week and travel safe next week!

Duane said...

Good for you!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

have fun on your vacation!!

Ultra, Iron "GeekGirl" Misty said...

Have you tried "oatmeal to go"? Way cheaper and, in my opinion, much healthier.
boy, eating can creep up on you when you're not tracking it, right? I hate when that happens.