Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My New Plan

Here's how the next eight weeks are going to go:

Once a week (Thursdays): a bike/run brick - spinning class (coming in early to extend it to a full hour) plus a run - a few more minutes each time. I started with six last week, will add 2-3 minutes each week so that I'll be up to 22 or so by the week before race week. (The last Thursday before the race I will rest.)

Once a week (Saturdays) I'll do a complete mini-tri - full-length (1/3 mile) swim plus bike plus run. Starting short - ~4 mile bike and ~ 5 minute run - and adding minutes/miles each week so that by the Saturday before race week I'll be somewhere in the neighborhood of full distance. The only Saturday I'll not do this is May 5 when I'll be running in the Sharon Classic.

Once a week: a longer swim - 1/2 mile or more. I did a swim today but it was only 1/3 - ran out of time.

Once a week: a longer run - at least 40 minutes total even if there is some walking in between; I'll include some faster work too.

Twice a week: weights/stretch/abs/back - I've slacked off on this and need to get back to it!

That's only 4 days of hard training, but it has 2 each of bike and swim, and 3 runs. If I can squeeze in one more workout (preferably a run) I will - whatever fits. But I find I do better with a day of rest between workouts, so I think this will really be a good plan for me.

How does that sound?


RUTH said...

sounds exhausting...but I know you'll do it!

Jack Mccoy said...

You are very courageous, I like swimming and I will like to learn how to make canoé in river, but in Paris that is not very practical, can are one day on holiday. Made you of the boat or of canoé sur"Housatonic"

Hold me with the current of the results

Vous êtes très courageuse, j'aime la natation et j'aimerai apprendre à faire du canoé en rivière, mais à Paris cela n'est pas très pratique, peut êtes un jour en vacances. Faites vous du bateau ou du canoé sur"Housatonic"

Tenez moi au courant des résultats