Friday, April 20, 2007

Other ways to pledge

A number of you have contacted me to let me know the "widget" doesn't appear on your computer. You can get the latest version of Flash, or you can just click here to go right to the Paypal payment page. Many of you have chosen to donate offline, via check, and if you prefer that route, you can send a check to the
North East Community Center
PO BOx 35
Millerton, NY 12546.

Also, as my dad kindly pointed out, traditionally people pledge and only pay AFTER the person actually does the event! In the event that you watn to pledge per unit of exertion, I'm doing a 600 yard swim (aka 24 lenths in an olympic size pool), 12 mile bike and 3 mile run.

Tomorrow is my next "mini-training-tri" - I'll report back tomorrow afternoon! I have all kinds of cool new gear to play with - a bike computer which will tell me MPH, distance travelled and other useful bits of information; pink suede cycling gloves; a little saddle bag to store my new camera and my new "Gu" - a yummy tasting chocolate nutrition gel, and some fancy sunglasses. I tried on some new workout gear at Target but nothing quite hit the spot. Though I enjoyed how much better everything fits these days!

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