Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thank you!!

As of now, seven people have pledged - woo hoo! Great Start! (It's kinda like the start of my training - when I could run for five minutes without stopping I felt terrific!) The amazing thing is, two of the 7 are people I don't know!

Now that I"ve broadcast my quest to the world, this whole thing feels pretty wierd, actually, mixing the personal and professional this way. I'm not used to talking quite this much about things like being fat and out of shape in front of people I have more formal relationships with! But we're all dealing with struggles, right? And the wonderful warm emails I've been getting feel great!

Now here's a story for inspiration: this man finished dead last in the Boston Marathon. He started out training last year, weighing well over 400 pounds, and had lost nearly 100 by the time he entered the race (unofficially.) His story is incredible and definitely got me up and out this morning when I just wanted to crawl back under the covers!

I was pretty proud of myself today, actually - did the hardest spin class ever, THANKS, Helen. And ran up Low Road (UP being the operative word) and back again, about 16 mintues total. More than I'd thought I could do, and stronger too. My legs feel odd now - a bit quivery and limp! But I will do my second mini-tri on Saturday -swim 1/3 or so; longer bike (hopefully flatter - maybe towards Millerton this time) and longer run - 20 minutes after all that? Why not!

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RUTH said...

Well done! Glad to hear you've been spurred on by Jacob's story. Wish I could be there at the finishing line to give you (a very gentle) slap on the back!