Thursday, April 05, 2007

a teeny tiny brick

I've been sick this week - a giant allergy attack sucked out all my energy for a few days. So all I've done since the weekend is a 20 minute swim on Monday without goggles - ick. Today I went to a spinning class - it was intense but short - only 30 minutes, so I tried a brief jog after - 6 minutes, mostly flat. My legs felt like lead, or jelly, or jellied lead. But I felt a bit better by the end. (Probably went no more than a half mile, though.) Tri-Goddess Tina invited me to train with her and her equally goddessy partner on Tuesdays- they do full-length triathlons twice a week! (half-mile swim, 10 or more mile bike, 4 or more mile run.) It makes me tired just to think about it!

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RUTH said...

Makes me tired too!!!...will have a rest now. Know the pressure is on with time passing so quickly but take it easy a little especially as you haven't been well