Friday, June 29, 2007

A swim lesson

Pat, the lifeguard at the Hotchkiss pool, has a reputation for being a good swim instructor. I asked her today for some comments on my stroke, and after watching me for a few laps, said my arm position, head position, body position are all fine, but that I barely kick my legs at all. She said if I kick more vigorously (like kicking off a shoe) my legs would rise to the surface and I"d move much faster. (I'd have to - my usual pace of 6 lengths in 5 minutes - equivalent to 1 mile an hour) would get me disqualified from one of the triathlons I'm considering!) I tried it and yes, I moved, but tired very quickly - I'm going to have a lot of work to do to get used to this! But I'm glad - I needed to know what I was doing wrong! Now I have something to focus on when I swim, which I hope will help me overcome my anxiety.
I also spent a half-hour or so trying to research what might be wrong with my foot - I have now added the words "sesamoid" and "hallux" to my vocabulary. It seems I had best visit a podiatrist or orthopedist sooner rather than later, before it gets worse and needs more intensive or invasive treatment. There is a sports medicine / orthopedist in town, but he doesn't take my insurance.


RUTH said...

So many different muscles are used when swimming I guess all of them need strengthening up. Good you've had some sound advice on your swimming technique but you'd better try and get your foot checked out before you do to much exercise...just in case it would cause any damage.

LBTEPA said...

the way it was explained to me was flicking your leg from the hip, not the knee - hope that's not confusing!
take it really easy until you get your foot sorted, eh?

Duane said...

Good luck with the foot! I personally don't like to kick but I know I must :-(

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Glad you got some advice on your swimming. IF you need to work on kicking, maybe spend some of your pool time with a kickboard.

And as lbtepa said, kick from the hip, not the knee. Be a fish!!