Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What's next?

I need some sports psychology. I think I'm viewing myself as slow, incapable, creaky. I know that's nuts after what I did but when I got out running today I couldn't seem to get my "kick it" motivation going. I felt sick, I felt tired, I felt slow, I felt like I had to walk a lot -- in short, I felt like I'd gone back in time 6 months or more. I don't feel fit or strong. I don't feel the progress I've made. Why and how can I overcome it? Tomorrow I'll be back in the pool for the first swim since my tri - perhaps focusing on some new goals will help! (i.el improving my stroke so that doesn't happen again!) And why am I eating like I expect to work out for 2 hours every day???


RUTH said...

I would have thought it quite natural that your body will rebel after what you've put it through...just take it gently. Is there anyone else you know who ran the triathlon who may be feeling the same...matbe you can gee each other up.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I think you just need to recover. Some people do recovery walk (rather than run), easy bike ride, and/or easy swim the first several days after a competition. For me, it also helps to have another goal lined up to work or else all I want to do is sleep (zzzzzzz).

LBTEPA said...

Oh, I'm sorry - I watched your blog for days and days for your race report and then got all caught up and missed it!
Please keep reminding yourself YOU DID IT!! You were scared and tired and puffed and your inner demons were attacking you, and you kept on going. YOU did it - no-one else.
Now have a rest (easy, no-expectation workouts), then enter another one!
No, really, sensational effort and I wish I lived closer so I could have cheered you on and could give you a 'well done' hug now.