Friday, June 29, 2007

Where have I been?

Thank you for asking. Just in a bit of a funk since my blisters. Summer is actually a weird time for me -I'm not in a groove of finding good workout times yet. My kids get up and out much later, so it's harder to work out in the mornings before work (yes I know I COULD get up EARLY and work out before they get up - that would be better for dealing with the heat, too) and I have lots of evening commitments too, so it's hard to go after my husband gets home (and I get to bed late making it even harder to go in the morning.)

I've been feeling very sluggish - falling into bad old eating habits, weaseling out of planned workouts, gaining few pounds. I did swim on Wednesday (20 minutes) and will go again today (try for 30 at least - I figure that's how long a half-mile will take me.) I've not gone back out into a lake - still too anxious. I haven't been biking or spinning for over week, and haven't run since the blister incident. A friend of mine is doing a workout regiment called P90X - it's an intense, 90 day cross training program. She's about halfway in and looks amazing already. I don't think I could commit to something like that, just now, but I do want to add some weight training to my plan - I've been avoiding it for months because of a nagging case of tendonitis in my left elbow. (Oh, and have I mentioned the weird and worsening pain in my right big toe joint? I think I should see a doctor and/or stop running for a while.)

Maybe I should lay off the wine, beer and tortilla chips too, though. Summer is supposed to be when it's easy to lose weight - you live on peaches and tomatoes and the weight just falls off! My favorite new snack, clif bars, seem to be having the opposite effect - dense calories (without much of an energy burst on these hot humid days!) - I guess they're supposed to be a meal replacement, not dessert!


RUTH said...

wine, beer and tortilla chips??? I can't nag though; have fallen into comfort food myself and I know it's not good! Try not to fall backwards too much...take it from me it's always twice the climb back up. You'll ahve to get the girls excercising with you.

GeekGirl said...

It could be muscle, which is 5 times heavier than fat per volume. The questions isn't how much do you weight, the question is, how are your clothes fitting?