Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hard Swim!

Last week, Master's Swim was canceled because of a lightning storm - only the lifeguard knew not to come, so the rest of us waited for about a half-hour, including the coach, before we gave up. Two of our team tried to sneak back in and swim, but Coach Bob suspected their plan, and caught them - they ran screaming back to the locker room like a couple of teenagers. (We're talking about women in their 50's!)

This week, Coach Bob gave us a 1,300 yard workout (we have an hour.) We had warmups, some laps of crawl, breast and backstroke, some laps of kickboard and pull thingy, and then some speed laps. I wasn't able to finish it all - I only did about 1,100 yards, but that's still the longest, and farthest, I've ever gone. Once again, I'm the slowest person in the room/on the team... but it's all about my personal best, right? Coach Bob said he could see real improvement (i.e. I've given up my Total Immersion technique and am starting to get the hang of what he wants me to do) but I still feel like I'm thrashing around and sinking. (For one moment I felt a flow, but I couldn't keep it up.) But I have 9 months til my next triathlon - I WILL get the hang of this!

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