Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Negative split...and a thought

I did my first training run for my 5k today - 2.5 miles on the rail trail with my daughter. I did a 6 minute warmup, then the fastest half-mile I could (10:34 pace!), another slow jog for another 1/2 mile or so, another, faster half-mile (10 minute pace even - fastest ever!) and jogged home. I'd thought it was closer to 3 miles but my google map said only 2.55 - the total with rests, walks, and waiting for Ella to take some sips of water from my bottle left me at 37 minutes total. I'll have to do a lot better than that in 16 days if I'm going to make my goal! (Of course I'll have race adrenaline going.)

One thing I've realized is: when I used to run in my 20's, I'd do the Manufacturers Hanover Corporate Challenges in Central Park, which were 3.5 miles. I was always amazed to see people run a half-mile or more to warm jup, before they started the race. I couldn't imagine doing that - I thought I'd use up my energy and have too little left to race. Now I see how much a difference it makes to be thoroughly warmed up - I can go much faster after I've jogged 5 or even 10 minutes. Maybe it's my age - I remember reading how it took Edward Villela an hour and a half to warm up when he was in his 50's - but he could still dance as well once he'd done so, as he ever did.

And here's my thought for the day: some of my favorite athlete's blogs, like Athena Diaries, talk about a lot more than training and racing. Mine stays closely focused on my training, in part because I don't feel like I can talk about problems at work or anything else "real" because I'm not anonymous on this blog - everyone who knows me knows about it, and it would take about 10 seconds for any random person to figure out my real name and where I live. (Not that I fool myself that any one I know them actually reads it!) Maybe I just need to get over this reticence, as it might be a much more interesting blog to read (or write!) if I talk about more than just miles and gear and training!

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LBTEPA said...

The thing, it's YOUR blog. Maybe sit down and work out exactly what you want from writing it, then decide what format it needs to be in. (can you see a theme here? work out what you want , then go after it! works for me!)
I think you'll kick arse in your 5km cos you've built up a base and are now adding speedwork - and more importantly, you BELIEVE you can make it happen.