Sunday, October 07, 2007

Race report - Harvest Heart 10k

So ... what is there to say, really? It was really hard. I know I'm supposed to be happy and proud and all, but for some reason I'm really bummed at how slow I was. Just under 13 minute miles, on average. Partly I never tried to go fast, because I wanted to make sure I finished and didn't burn out too soon (like the guy who quit after mile 2.) Partly I was still a little sore and achy from Friday's stupid workout. But mostly, I'm just REALLY SLOW. I've been doing some speed work but obviously I need to do more. My fastest mile was the first, at 11:19 or so. My next-fastest was the 3rd (or was it the 4th) at 11:46. The others were well over 12, and the last one was a full 17 minutes.

Me, post-race.

It wasn't the weather - it was cool and cloudy for most of the time. The sun came out and I got pretty warm by the end, but I was never overheated.

Maybe it was the hills. I mapped this course and compared it to the Sharon Classic. For the first five miles they were almost identical in elevation change -- total climb 269 feet today, 265 in Sharon - I don't think that 4 feet took 2 minutes off my time!

Maybe it was race prep. I ate eggs and toast at 8am, and a peanut butter sandwich on multigrain around 10:3o. I addeed a pria powerbar at 11, and had about 4 glasses of water over the course of the morning. I had half a bottle of off-the-shelf accelerade in the minutes leading up to the start, and a chocolate (caffeinated) gu. I drank plenty on the way, too, and had a second gu at about the 4th mile. I never felt hungry, nor overfull,

Maybe it was carrying that water bottle on my back - it feels heavy, even half-empty, and throws off my balance. I've ordered the one with the 4 little bottles that are distributed evenly around the body - we'll see how that one is.

My knees were OK, my shoes didn't bother me. I had some decent tunes playing (K.T. Tunstall's new album has great running songs!) So - no excuses, I just ran slower.

But - attitude adjustment needed: I just ran a 10k race - something I never even dreamed of before this year.
Maybe it's time to get a coach! (Oh, and this winter will be a good time to rearrange and redecorate the blog - now that I'm clearly in this for the blong haul might as well make it look a little nicer!)


The Scott Family said...

Congratulations. Who cares about the mile times ... you finished a 10K!!! :)

I think you did the right thing ... kept the pace low and made sure you finished. You can try to beat that next time!

Congratulations again!


Duane said...

Congrats are in order! You will keep getting faster!

Wes said...

Let's see. You've done a 10K, two triathlons, and a five miler this year. Slow? Get OVER IT :-) Every day you are getting stronger and faster. If you want to get really fast, do a half marathon. You can then burn that endurance bank much faster in a 5K or 10K. I know. I've been there.

Congrats on an excellent race. Sure, you held back a bit to make sure you finished. Finish you did. Next time, you'll know you can set a slightly faster pace. Way to rock it!!

RUTH said...

Congratualtions....a slower pace and finishing is surely the sensible thing to do! Really proud of you :o)