Saturday, October 06, 2007

What was I THINKING???

Yesterday, I headed out for a last, pre-race run. I hadn't run in over a week (after some great training before that.) I stopped by the gym on my way out, to sign up for spin next week, and saw that a cross-training class was about to begin. I decided to join in, instead of run, figuring I'd get a great workout and it would be more fun. It was fun, but it was incredibly hard and worked muscles I evidently never use - especially core and arms/shoulders. (She did TONS of very challenging moves from plank position.) I am SORE today - achy and miserable, so much so that I'm not sure if I'm actually coming down with something (my throat hurts too, but I've had chronic congestion from allergies lately, so it could be that.) So - I don't know how best to prepare for the race in the next 24 hours. Soak in a bath? Do a short run? (Coolrunning's beginner 10k training plan says to do 2 miles the day before the race.) Sleep and take ibuprofen? I just want to finish tomorrow - I've never run that distance and my training wasn't very focused on this since I just found out about it last week. Any advice?


The Scott Family said...

For what it's worth I wouldn't run. Just rest ... or maybe go for a short walk. What do I know though :)

RUTH said...

Popped over to wish you good luck but having read this hope you feel well enough to run. Not sure of the time difference...maybe you're already running. Take care and don't knock yourself out too much.

LBTEPA said...

Sleep. Bath. Ibuprofen.
Have a great day and then blog all about it!!

rebecca hallin said...

HI I am good friend of Duane in Colorado he had your blog listed. I will do my first 1ok nov 4 sort a scared but I am going to do it. been doing 5K events and I run about 5 times a week. how long you been running. you can email be at hope your raise went well Rebecca