Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Goal!

I found out about a 5K race that's in 2 1/2 weeks - Novemer 30. It's on the Rail Trail, so is almost perfectly flat. It seems like a great opportunity to try a new goal: run faster. So far, in all my races this year (all 4 of them) I've run slower than 12-minute miles (or WAY slower, as the case may be!) but there's no reason I can't do better than that now. So - my training for the next 20 days will focus on the run, with lots of speedy intervals, thinking about form and quick foot turnover. From what I've read, if I do two workouts with intervals, and two longer slower runs each week, that will help build speed and endurance.

So: I would like to run the entire 5K without walking, in, let's say, under 35 minutes. That's ambitious but not impossible! I will get out there today (with my 5 - year - old on her bike, most likely) and see how I do as a starting point!

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