Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Race season is over

I didn't run the 5-mile Pumpkin Run on Sunday, and I won't be running the 5k this weekend. I decided that I'd rather take a short break now and get some PT, in hopes that I can really get over this and have a good season next year. I went to the lovely and talented Benta today, who has worked wonders on just about every body part I have over the years. She determined that it was a localized problem, nothing related to hips or back. We did some ultrasound and massage, some gentle stretches, and she told me what I should and shouldn't do over the next few weeks. (Should: do core and strength training, any workout that doesn't hurt, lots of stretching. Shouldn't: run for a while.) I'll go back a few times and let her do all the wonderful things she does, and hope that I can start up again soon. She encouraged me to do longer warm-ups and cooldowns when I do workout, not my usual 60 seconds of stretching and then plopping down in front of the computer! So no PR this week, but I'll be ready for all kinds of new records next year!

And congratulations to all the blogathletes who competed at SOMA last weekend - I am in such admiration of all of you, whether or not you finished!


Duane said...

That wasn't the Naked Pumpkin Run I hope! They had one in Boulder tonight!

LBTEPA said...

Sounds like a good plan :)
Especially the stretching! Not a hugely enjoyable part of my day either (understatement) but since I've got more disciplined about it and had fewer aches and pains I'm more keen! LOL. I do 10-15 minutes of core and stretching most nights while I watch TV with the Spousal Unit.