Friday, May 02, 2008

First race of the season

Tomorrow is the Sharon Classic. I'm not feeling great going into it - my plan went out the window this week. Consistency, where art thou? A sleepless night, a few issues with kids (resulting in one emergency room visit and two doctor appointments in three days), a lapse in focus... so I feel achy and sluggish instead of pumped and ready.

I take Misty's example to heart - tomorrow is Day One of Weight Watchers. Actually I should probably start Sunday since tomorrow there will be race food and then a trip to NYC to see various nephews that will likely involve mountains of delicious takeout rarely seen in these parts.

I know I'll cover the distance, somehow, and I know Janet will save me a banana - so all will be well and I'll continue with my training, back to the doubles and the group runs!


LBTEPA said...

Hey darl, many a great run has sprung off the back of crappy-feeling preparation - you never know! Take care and remember - HAVE FUN!

Calyx Meredith said...

Oh - I so hope whoever had to be in the ER is all better now. Having a herd of children who've had us in the ER for everything from asthma to stitches - I completely understand how it can disrupt plans! You may have lost a little focus on the race but I'm sure that your overall life balance will be fine.

Good luck on the race. I'm sending you good mojo today! (And? I'm a little jealous of the NYC takeout!) :D

Madame K said...

*clapping wildly*